Mediation is a voluntary settlement process where parties work together to find solutions which work best for them.

Everybody’s life is different, finding solutions and agreements that work for each individual can be difficult. With mediation it can be more effective and more efficient than litigation.

At it’s core, Mediation is a without prejudice meeting wherein the parties are able to speak freely and honestly without having their words thrown back at them in Court (with the notable exception of statements which show that children are at risk).

Mediation is a very valuable tool for parties who want to limit costs and have the desire to have the decisions being made in their lives are theirs. The agreements coming out of mediation are specifically tailored to the decisions of the parties and as such, reflect what they want.

An agreement reached in mediation is not necessarily binding on the parties and may require independent legal advice, especially where matrimonial property is an issue. Parties are always encouraged to consult with their counsel, if they have one, throughout the process.

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At Taylor Wray LLP, Jim Taylor is a Practicing Mediator and a member of the Alberta Family Mediation Society. Jim is also a contributing author of the Mediation chapter of the 2020 Alberta Family Law Practice Manual.

As both a lawyer and a mediator, Jim is able to offer the benefit of both perspectives. As a lawyer he can give information regarding the law of divorce in Canada and provide legal information about the process of getting a divorce. As a mediator, he will not advocate or provide legal advice to either you or your spouse but will facilitate constructive dialogue that results in practical solutions unique to your circumstances.