Child Custody & Parenting

Child Custody

Custody generally indicates who has the decision making authority for the child/children. Most parents have joint custody of their child/children, but that is not always the case. Our lawyers will advocate for the rights of the parent while always keeping in mind the best interests of the child/children. Some of the parenting issues that we would address with our clients include:

  • Primary residence of the child/children
  • Decisions regarding health care
  • Decision regarding education
  • With whom the child/children will spend holiday time
  • Decisions regarding extracurricular activities
  • Decisions regarding religion
  • With whom the child/children can spend time with

At Taylor Wray LLP we encourage parents to work together to finalize a positive solution for both of you. It is in the best psychological and financial interests of the parents and the child/children. We advocate by educating, negotiating, mediating and if none of those options work, by arguing your position in court.

Child Access

Access is the right of the child/children to see, spend time with and have a relationship with a parent (or grandparent) that they do not live with. At Taylor Wray LLP we can help to ensure that the child/children have the benefit of access to both of their parents ( or grandparents). This can include weekday or weekend visits and holiday time. Parents are able to come to an agreement on their own but the courts of Alberta can step in to grant an order for access if deemed necessary.

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